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Karen Lynn Anderson
Granby, Quebec
Karen Lynn Anderson is an expert chef who has cooked in Canada, France, and Italy. She shows us how to cook simple, healthy, delicious meals for those who must follow a renal diet. Karen developed all Spice it Up! recipes until Spring 2012.

Leslie Cairns
Toronto, Ontario
Leslie Cairns is an established chef in the Greater Toronto area with a passion for pastry. Her interest in cooking for kidney patients stems from her work as a nutritional demonstrator in hospitals. With 14 years of experience and her background in both, nutrition and the culinary arts, Leslie develops fun and flavorful recipes for Spice it Up! that make it exciting to be in the kitchen! She joined our team in the fall of 2012.

Leonora Chao, RD
St. Paul's Hospital, Providence Health Care
Vancouver, British Columbia

Leonora joined our team in November 2009. She enjoys a healthy, active lifestyle and strives to find healthy, easy, tasty recipes to keep her body energized and healthy. She feels that there is no reason why her renal patients whether they are pre-dialysis, dialysis or transplant shouldn’t be able to enjoy the same. She recognizes the challenges that following any diet let alone a renal diet poses with limited time and energy so she looks for recipes that are not too elaborate and that are simple to prepare. And by substituting new ingredients and spices, she feels that there is always a way to
Spice it Up!

Elke Henneberg
Elke is the president of ebmed, the company which publishes Spice It Up! She studied marketing and communication in Germany and worked in the pharmaceutical industry before she moved to Canada 15 years ago. Elke has a passion for cooking and healthy living and believes in empowering patients to improve their quality of life.

June Martin, RD
Grand River Hospital
President, Canadian Association of Nephrology Dietitians
Kitchener, Ontario

June has worked with haemodialysis patients for almost 10 years, and understands that enthusiasm can create inspiration. To inspire her patients, she has developed innovative cooking demonstrations to show that it is possible to entertain well and enjoy food while maintaining a renal diet. She is very pleased to be associated with this publication and hopes that Spice it Up! will help you get excited about food once more!

Céline Quintin, P.Dt
Notre Dame Hospital (CHUM)
Past President, Quebec Association of Nephrology Dietitians

Céline is a renal dietitian with more than 20 years experience. She has always tried to find ways to help her pre-dialysis, dialysis and transplant patients improve their quality of life. Among many other projects, she has published a number of pamphlets featuring health tips for her patients. Celine says that Spice it Up! rings in a new era with an appealing presentation of recipes especially created for renal diets!

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